Anker PowerWave Charger Question!

Hi everyone,

Happy Thanksgiving (to those of you who celebrate)! I just ordered an Anker PowerWave charger for my iPhone 8 Plus, and am curious if there will be any charging issues with my case.

I use a magnetic mounting system in my car, and part of that is affixed to the back of the case. Does anyone know if that will interfere with the charging process?


That is helpful, thank you! I had a sense that it could cause an issue so I’ll take a look at options for car mounting that do not require magnets.

The wireless chargers are terrible with anything stuck to the back of the phone. My friend has a case that allows a credit card on the back and he has to place it so specifically on the charger otherwise it doesn’t work, without the credit card it even has issues because it has a little bit of space, but better than with one.

For the car mount, I would suggest:
I’ve had it for 8 months now and never had a problem. I have the iPhone XS Max and it fits as expected, but it has both vertical and horizontal controls so any sized iPhone (or Android) will fit. The adjusting controls work great and after I found the perfect angle I screwed it in until it wouldn’t budge and I’ve not noticed it move since.

Thank you @joshsullivan. I just received the car mount you recommended and it works really well.

I have noticed that even with the case on my otterbox symmetry clear case it does seem to charge more slowly.

I still like the convenience of the setup, and I think it looks cooler. Thank you again!