Anker USB Hub with iMac 24"

Have any of you used this style hub/device with the 24" iMac M1.

I am concerned about the “pinching” mechanism vs. how securely the device stays in place.

I have one that’s similar and have had no problems with it. I do find that I have to put my left hand behind it while inserting cords with my right hand, to keep the display from tilting.

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Been using one for quite awhile. Works great but as mentioned it takes two hands to insert/remove due to the light weight of the iMac. Mine doesn’t tilt but pivots. Stays in place securely with just moderate pressure. Ours are a little different with 3 A ports and one C and the 2 SD. My wife’s is blue to match her iMac but they didn’t offer red to go with my rose gold iMac.

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Thanks for the feedback.

By sheer coincidence I’m sure, after I added it to my Amazon cart and shared the link here, the price jumped from $46 to $60