Anniversary gift from my lovely wife!

My wife gave me an early anniversary gift today for 10 years…

It boots and runs! All in original packaging with all of the foam and everything!!!

I have never had a vintage Mac! This came from an estate of one of her family members. A very distant uncle.

I may have to up my present game!


What a gift! I believe this is the very machine I used in my high school’s AP CompSci class.

This is incredible. From what I’ve read, SE/30s are THE classic Mac to own.

Wow, that’s pretty amazing! What kind of shape is it in? How long do you think it’s been in that packaging?

You married well!

Coincidentally, it’s my 25th wedding anniversary today. My wife is overseas visiting her family, and I couldn’t go, so I bought myself an iPad Pro upgrade to celebrate.


This, and the IIci, was my favorite machines back in the day.

Please check the insides for potential battery and capacitor damage. These computers can self destruct just by sitting in a closet. Very important for long term health. Internal clock battery must be removed.
I collect these types and they are great fun. Congrats. I have yet to get an SE/30.


Now THAT is love! :heart:

Nice! Museum piece :slight_smile: