Announcing the 2023 Apple History Calendar!

I’ve got big news today: I am launching my second Kickstarter project!

For 2023, I’ve designed a new edition, focusing on the software that powers our favorite devices. These dates cover everything from Apple’s earliest software to the latest and greatest versions of macOS, iOS, iPadsOS and more. The calendar also includes a wide range of first-party software titles from iLife and iWork to things like Cyberdog and Rhapsody.

The calendar features my own product photography of Apple products, with each month highlighting some of Apple’s software announcements over the years. Each calendar measures 20 inches by 13 inches (50.8 x 33.02 cm) when it’s hanging on your wall with a simple thumbtack or pin.

In addition to the calendar, backers can opt to receive a pack of four stickers featuring characters based on Apple hardware. All backers will also receive digital versions of the photos used in the project for making their own wallpapers.


MacRumors published an article about your project.

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As always don’t read the comments.

I never read comments on any platform or service, including news sites. When I did years ago I found the majority filled with trolls, snide cynical remarks, and, to be polite, “ill informed” opinions.

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Mac Power Users must be an exception.

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Absolutely!! Comments made here are smart and gracious.


Curious if @ismh considered a digital version as well… this can be also be part of kickstarted perhaps cheaper because no shipping…

I would rather opt for a digital calendar. It can go with me and not locked to one place.

The campaign offers digital images of the photos and an .ics of the dates. But the joy of it is in the printed material.


@ismh Just thought I’d come on here and say that I’ve just received my 2023 calendar all the way over here in Melbourne Australia!! I’m stoked and very impressed with the quick shipping. Thanks for a high quality product that is definitely a collector’s item. Great job!

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Thank you! Enjoy it!