Annoyed by the upgrade badge for Safari 15

A minor complaint, but I’m annoyed that the System Preferences icon in my dock has a (1) badge on it indicating that I ought to download Safari 15. I’ll upgrade to Monterey when it comes out, but unlike some past years I see no reason to rush into the new Safari.

I see no harm in downloading it though. Are you worried that something could go wrong?

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Don’t get me wrong, love the idea of the tab bar on the bottom on iOS, but the macOS and iPadOS versions leave me cold.

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You can always switch back to the old version. That is what I did.

If you’re worried about the new Tab design on Safari 15. There’s a setting to keep the old design.


it’s ironic that you can’t turn off motifications for settings… in settings.

The floating labels, that replaced tabs, are stupid but I can live with them once Mac Safari stops crashing. But I wish Apple would let them “float” above the Favorites bar. In the meantime Brave has become my primary macOS browser.

I rarely use a browser on my iPhone and the new 1Password extension on Safari/iPad goes a long way to ease the pain on my iPad Pro.

Gruber is warning people off Safari 15. I am using Big Sur and trying Safari 15 and I like it. I like that the whole top bar of the window changes color depending on the website I am in. For example, I get a nice dark grey when visiting MPU forum and a lighter grey as I go to It is a bold feature and it made the experience at different website vastly different than before. Am I the only one who likes it?

No, you’re not alone! :grin:


I think it looks great on some websites, not so great on others. Don’t remember if there is an option to enable window colouring on a per-website basis, if there isn’t Apple should certainly add it- it would address a lot of the accessibility concerns while giving users the option for the aesthetic benefits.

To be fair, that doesn’t fully revert to the old design. Tabs still look like weird long buttons (that I find hard to tell active from inactive) and are above the bookmark bar, not below, where they belong.


That’s my gripe with it too. It almost looks to me like a bookmarks bar of some sort.

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Actually I hate that a lot. I just want my Safari Browser on Dark mode and uniform across all websites. Anyone know how to disable this feature. Some websites get a Red and Orange bar on the top and I just hate that. ( I know hate is a bad word )

For a long time, if I held Shift while clicking Safari in the Dock to launch it, Safari would launch with only a new tab and none of the windows and tabs from the last session. It looks like Apple has eliminated that feature in Safari 15.

You can disable it here. :slight_smile:

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