Annoying playback bug with Spotify

For about two or three days, music starts playing when I lock my iPhone. It seems to happen only when Spotify is active in the music player (so the player shows in the lock screen with a Spotify song on pause). As soon as I tab the side button of the phone, the music starts. That’s annoying and as I listen to a lot of extreme music, it can be a little embarrassing at work too.
Any ideas how to fix this?

Have you rebooted the phone? Force-quit the Spotify app?

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Yes. Didn’t help. Now I found a lot of similar complaints in the Spotify support forum (didn’t see them first due to the structure of their webpage). It seems to be limited to X/Xs/Xr phones and deleting the app and reinstalling solves it momentarily, but then it comes back. I hope the will update the app soon.

Ah, that’s super weird.

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I’m actually having the same exact issue after updating Spotify. I believe it might have something to do with the new Spotify redesign.