Annoying recurrent noise in MacBook Pro 15" 2019

Hello everyone.

Every once in a while, my MacBook 15" 2019 starts producing a very annoying, “rhythmic” and recurrent sound that usually lasts for as long as I can stand before shutting it down.

Just now, it stoped on its own after the fans kicked in for a few secs, but this is usually not the case.

Here is a sample (you’ll need to crank up the sound)

I took it to Apple’s assistance, but they couldn’t find anything in the hardware and merely suggested (charging me a good amount of money for) wiping out the SSD and reinstalling the OS (which I did myself). This, of course, hasn’t solved the issue.

Has anyone experienced something like this before?

Any chance this is coming through your speakers? Have you tried muting the sound or wearing headphones to test?

Unfortunately, it is not the speaker. 100% sure.

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