Annoying Siri Issues

Are there any ways to diagnose issues with Siri?

Frustrations of yesterday (and continue to happen randomly)

  1. My apple watch is practically touching my mouth - asking Siri to set a timer.
    No response.

  2. My iPhone is at my desk while I am reading something - asking Siri a question.
    No response.

(by no response, I mean no Siri activation at all)

Other annoying quirks…that I am trying to “learn” how to use.

  1. Alarm goes off - ‘hey Siri, turn off alarm’ (nothing - it’s like she doesn’t hear it)
    compared to Alexa which can hear me sneeze.

  2. Phone call comes in on my iPhone while doing something - ‘hey Siri, answer on speaker’ (phone continues to ring) Caveat: I am not actually sure if Siri can do this command.

Anyone have better suggestions on handling Siri and is this experience the same on the HomePod?? I would like a similar experience (in terms of responsiveness) like the Echo Dot.

Auto-Answer is an Accessibility feature. You can choose to route the call to a headset or the speaker, but it is all calls or nothing.

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Our iPhone Siri seems more capable than our HomePod Siri, Watch Siri is about in the middle.
I’ve found that speaking in a high-pitched voice helps with the HomePod. Some words, though, are just a pain. For instance, I have an automation shortcut named ‘potty’ for when the dog goes out (it turns on lights for her). Sometimes iPhone Siri think I’m saying party, body, and several over things, while HomePod Siri sometimes forgets there is even anything in HomeKit.

For Watch Siri, I find an exaggerated arm movement (forearm parallel to the ground) seems to help ‘her’ realize she’s being spoken too.

I have no solution for you, but wanted to commiserate.


Daft question, but have you got Siri allowed when your iPhone is locked? (Settings —> Face ID and Passcode —> Allow access when locked: Siri) Probably shouldn’t be affecting watch access, but I thought I’d go for the easy first option :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hahaha yes, that has access.