Another Dying Butterfly…

6 months and 12 days since I received my 2018 MacBook Air, the S key has gone “squishy”. Pressing it feels different than all of the other keys, and I’ve already had to adjust my typing to make sure that I am pressing it firmly enough to register.

Picture of Keyboard

Yes, and the key-cap has worn off, too. (And the A but at least the A is still working.)

I purchased this MacBook Air about 3 weeks before the new model was released, which has the “3rd Generation Butterfly Keyboard” that supposedly fixed the issues. Just outside the window for me to return mine and get the updated one. I had hoped that maybe this keyboard would work better than my 2015 MacBook (12" Retina) but that’s not looking very promising so far.

Fortunately I just followed the instructions at Keyboard Service Program for MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro, which gave me the option to do an online-chat with someone. A few minutes later she confirmed that she will be sending me a box to ship it off. If all goes well I’ll send it off on Monday and maybe have it back by the end of the week? Maybe?

While It’s gone I’ll be back on the 2015 MacBook, hoping that its keyboard doesn’t fail (again), since it’s now outside the bounds of the repair program.


Wow. I have never seen keys like that before on a Macbook!?! You must do plenty of typing!!

Good luck – hope the turnaround time is minimal. I seem to recall that the replacement might see you getting the newest keyboard version in return - so hopefully that will sort out all further issues.

I had the same thing happen to my 12" MacBook. Not to that extent, but the A was starting to look pretty “filled in”. And looking at my work machine right now, that’s starting to happen with this machine.

I must have very acidic fingertips or something, because that happens on all of mine. And, again, this is only after 6 months.

The S wearing out makes sense because I have a tick of hitting S all the time (so much so that I had to make a Keyboard Maestro macro for apps like Bear and Soulver to prevent it from beeping at me when I do it in apps that don’t require it to save). I presume the A keycap wearing out was a casualty of being right next to it and my finger resting on it?

Those exact keys faded for me and Apple replaced them when they replaced my failed Butterfly keyboard on my MBP 13" (Left Command key got squishy and failed regularly). About a year later, the same keys have faded again:

So far, the keyboard functionality has held up.

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