Another Lastpass/Safari Issue

Yet another Lastpass/MacOS Safari issue. Finally got the problem with the blank safari extension fixed, and everything was fine for a few weeks. Now, instead of auto-filling usernames and passwords, I get the Lastpass icon in the field, and nothing loads. The extension also does not show the right information for the site. I have to search for the site, copy the username and password, and paste them in. Everything works fine on iPadOS and iPhoneOS, and it works fine in the Chrome browser. Suggestions (short of dumping Lastpass)?

I’m a 1Password user but I’d suggest you postpone your decision to dump LassPass until Apple fixes Safari. It has been so flaky lately, IMO, that I’ve switched to MS Edge until they come up with a solution.


I had that problem, I am sticking with LastPass though frankly. The problems they and Apple face are immense and though opinion is against me I don’t see anything about One Password that makes me think it is any better. I think we as end users don’t appreciate how hard security is now. That is also a major reason for the way Apple Mail is like it is and frankly I will trade security for a few glitches. Of course the “My pet’s name plus my age” brigade will enter what is now an IT version of the “Darwin Awards”, making themselves the low lying fruit.

I wanted to make Safari work last week. I really did. Tried it for half an hour and then returned to Brave Browser when some things just didn’t work. I’d rather pay for more RAM than have to work around every single one of Safari’s idiosyncrasies.

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I have to say that using Safari just to save RAM is not a consideration for me with my current 64GB: I might well give Brave a try myself now. My defense of LastPass stands though.

Thanks for the input. I have decided to use Chrome as my default until Safari can get straightened out.

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