Another new obsidian like mac app -

I, honestly am getting overwhelmed with so many notes app. They all look cool but my use case is too basic to take advantage of it.

Posting it here with the intention that others may find it useful


This is the Markdown app formerly known as Caret. It’s more analogous to IA Writer.


Looks interesting. Do you know if this is a native app? or built with Electron?

At first it feels very much mac native. The startup time is blazing fast, low memory footprint, all the Emacs textfield shortcut is there.

Then I realized that it does not use native mac Preference pane, and the resizing animation is quite off.

I check Activity Monitor, it has “Nota (GPU)” and “Nota (Renderer)” that AFAIK only exists for Electron app.

It might be Electron app, but a highly polished one.


It’s definitely an electron app

One of the people who make Nota here.

Nota is indeed based on Electron (like Obsidian), but we care a lot about performance, and it makes us happy to know people notice that :blush:

p.s. the resizing animation is quite off – we’re working on that :man_mechanic:


@erusev any iOS app coming?

We plan to make an iOS app, but it might take a while.

As an alternative, you can keep your files in a cloud folder like Dropbox and use any mobile app that works with plain-text files to access them on your iPhone or iPad. We’ve heard great things about 1Writer.

If you use Dropbox, you can also view and edit files directly from the Dropbox mobile app. The editor is pretty basic, but it should work for most cases.

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