Another Obsidian "aha" moment

I know there have been some critical threads of Obsidian as of late, but I have to say I still find incredible joy in this app. My most recent discovery is the “leaflet” plug-in. This simple add-on, developed it seems by gamers, is allowing me resolve an issue in my note-taking around “sites”. I am an archaeologist, and keeping track of notes on sites on landscapes is critical for my work. I often have Google Earth overlays with all sorts of sites, but also swim in scans of maps of sites and regions. With this plug-in you can link to image files in your vault and lay out links to notes with markers. Or you can use an actual map, and draw on tileservers form places like this. Here is a nice youtube overview (you can see this was originally developed for gamers). Anyways, so now I have these lovely maps (with ESRI overlays) serving as an index for associated notes. Brilliant stuff.


Awesome! I’ve used Leaflet in various other projects before but have yet to need to know “where” I took a note. Looks like I should become an archaeologist! Just need to practice fetching my hat back from under the door before I can start my education :nerd_face:


Lol. That hat-fetching is critical.
I think there is a lot more that this plug-in can do. I was actually thinking about how it would be great in a shared vault to, say, mark up an image with notes. You wouldn’t be loading up long/lat. on individual notes, but you could simply add markers to the image for detailed information from collaborators.