Another Screencasting Episode?

I’m sure you guys have a a long list of possible podcast suggested topics, but I’m wondering if a new screencasting episode might be in the works. I have listened to Episode 384. I was just wondering if there have been many changes since then. I was thinking it might be beneficial with so many people working remotely these days. Thank you for your hard work on the podcast. It has been a weekly listen now for at least seven years.

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I was going to ask for this, too! (Thanks for the tip re: episode 384).

Yes, I’ll add an amen to that!

The wonderful J.F. Brissette was on a recent episode of Automators where we talked about some of his automation with Screenflow - that might be interesting for some of you!

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Thank you for the heads up. Much appreciated. Unfortunately, I’m not a super techie, so most of the automation is over my head. Nevertheless, I’ll check it out.