Any 27" Hub Monitor Recommendations?

I have previously that I’ve been comparing M3 MacBook’s Pro and Air as part of a buying decision on a new Mac. This prompted me to look wider at my use cases for my Mac, pain points and usage patterns. As a result I’ve looked at Docks and USB-C 4K Display with a Hub function.

Does anyone have experience or recommendations for a USB-C Hub 4K Display?

I’ve looked at the Dell U2723QE which has USB-C, Display Port, HDMI and downstream USB ports, both USB-A and USB-C. I’m considering pairing this with both a new MacBook Air with M3 class SOC (which I’ve yet to purchase). However I’m not willing to re-mortage or sell a kidney just to get the Apple Studio Display.

For context my usage isn’t demanding, in email, Numbers and web browsing. The most I ever push it and hear the fans spin is when I’ve too many tabs open. I do some occasional video work, but currently that’s on my iPad mini (I sold my Pro because I prefer the mini).

My pain points with my current 2015 MacBook Pro are in the lack of any battery life and that my MBP has HDMI, TB3 and USB-A, while my work issued HP Elitebook 840 G8 Windows 10 laptop which has HMI & TB4/USB-C ports meaning that I have multiple cables on my desk at any given time, regardless of which machine I’m using.

I mentioned in the other thread that I’m very happy with my LG 27UL850. I’m not entirely sure what a hub display is, but I plug in just the USB-C into my MacBook Air which charges it and provides video. On the back of the display are some USB ports which I can use as well if that’s what you’re after.

Yes this is exactly what I was referring to: Use of a combined Hub+Display or standalone Display and Hub/Dock.

I had a LG 27UK850 and the electronics went fried after 3 years of use. Probably a bad lemon, but I’ve replaced it with a 32’’ Samsung M7 and I’m reasonably happy. The only issue with the hub is that if I directly plug the Logitech USB unifying receiver into the monitor, from time to time it thinks that I’m using the mouse and keyboard to control the monitor, not the computer. Don’t remember it happening with the LG so there you go, I think it’s probably because the Samsung is a mini computer after all (you can use Google Suite with no computer connected!)

I think the U2723Q will fit the bill. It’s widely recommended in monitor review sites.
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