Any Apple employees here? Purchase question

I have Apple Gift cards, I would like to use them to buy an Ultra Watch then I would like to finance the rest on my Apple Card. My question….Is that possible???

I was talking with Apple Chat on there App and they said yes it’s possible then told me to call apple customer service if I wanted to buy it online.

I was at the Apple Store the other day and I asked the employee and he said he isn’t sure, but I can use the gift cards then put the rest on Apple Card(which I new already)

Does anyone has any input?

I’m not an Apple employee but I’ve bought many items this way. Majority in-store, but via phone is definitely possible.

Yes, you can purchase in-store or online using the Gift Cards first and then your Apple Card for the balance. I believe you can use up to 5 Gift Cards at a time. We used to combine Gift Cards at my old store when the person had more than 5 cards to redeem.

Thanks, I also called Apple customer service and they say I can do it. But people in the store told me I can’t or there not sure. And they told me to ask for a manager. Also that’s a good idea to combine the gift cards, I didn’t know that can be done.

I have purchased a MB Air M2 recently with 8 gift cards and the balance on Apple Card on installments. So it can be done for sure.

How did you do that? I called the Apple Store just now and they said you can’t do that. You have to finance the whole amount. You can only use gift cards then put the balance on your Apple Card or other gift card but it won’t be zero %.

I keep getting conflicting stories from everyone that works for Apple.

Do you want to buy the Watch online, or in an AppleStore?
If you want to buy it online, just use your gift cards on check-out, and place the remaining on the Debit- or CreditCard (depending on your location) of your choice.
If you want to buy it in an AppleStore, just show up (I would recommend to reserve the model you wish) there, and present them your Giftcards upon Check-Out, and place the remaining on the Card of your choice.
I had done this several times now, and it always worked, as others described here within the thread.

It is a kind of its own problem today, that a lot of people working for an AppleStore only knew a rather small amount of what is really going on within the Appleiversum, and they also have to relay onto ServiceDocumantations, they often only see and read, if it is necessary for a planed meeting at the bar.
So, I wouldn’t care too much about what somebody at an Apple Store is telling you about something, he/she is not doing on a regular base.

I’m going to do it in the store. I want to use my gift cards then finance the rest of it on my Apple care. That’s what I’m trying find out and I keep getting different information from everyone at Apple.

Ah. When I said I’ve done this, I meant I used gift cards and charged the balance like a normal interest rate purchase. I didn’t use Apple’s free installment financing with the balance. If it’s possible to do that, I don’t know how. Sorry for the confusion.

No problem. I might just go that. But it’s crazy how employees from Apple give me conflicting reports.

The original post doesn’t state you wanted 0% interest with your Apple Card. My answer would have been different. Perhaps that explains why you have gotten conflicting answers. Enjoy your new watch!