Any apps you would rather run iPad OS app on Mac

just want to understand how people are using the iPadOS apps on Apple Silicon Macs. I think there are cases that only iPad OS app is available but not Mac App (except access. by browser). One example is Apollo for Reddit

What other iPadOS apps would you suggest to run on a Mac?

I sometimes run Overcast for iPad on my M1 MacBook Pro. While I don’t tend to listen to podcasts on my Mac, it’s handy to be able to use my Mac to review my Overcast “Inbox” playlist and to add and reorder my “Listen” playlist.

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I use LumaFusion on my Mac. It has more features than iMovie without going all the way up to Final Cut Pro.


this is a good one, I just downloaded the app myself on the Mac

I play a game on my Mac (Elder Signs) that has a great iPad app but it looks and sounds much better on the M1 Mac.

I use DiscourseHub on my Mac

I tried that too, but I do not like the layout. Nothing as good as the browser version. May be I did not spend enough time with it

is there an easier difficulty setting, haven’t been able to beat it on easy

The browser version is probably better, but I like not having to log in every time :slight_smile:

No, but there are several online strategy guides that will help you improve your game quickly. It’s mostly probability based, similar to Yahtzee.

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