Any Automation or Evernote experts help me out?

I’m trying to find a way to create tasks which on creation automatically have an Evernote note and a Task (in either OmniFocus (preferably) or Things 3 (2nd preference) or Todoist (ok at a push)

Ideally, this would work via Siri - and that’s where I think that TaskClone wouldn’t be the answer - I can’t see a way to automatically create a note/action which has the relevant tag to trigger TaskClone to create the Omnifocus task and note link.

Can anyone think of a way to do this?


Drafts would allow part of it I think. I’m not great with automation but it has the functionally if you could find or write a script I believe?

Here is very simple example using Siri Shortcuts. Perhaps you can work from this.

Of course, this creates an Apple Reminder, but you should be able to substitute that action for one that creates a task in your reminder app of choice.

I’ve been poking around in Shortcuts trying to understand how to put something together and I really can’t get my head around it :frowning:

Happy to offer assistance if you want to elaborate on the problems you are having…

It isn’t clear exactly how you want to trigger this. I have some automation that whenever I put an article in to pocket two ifttt applets are triggered… One puts an item into todoist so that I remember to read it and the other appends the title to the end of an evernote note so I have an easily searchable list of things that I have in pocket.

This sounds similar to what you want… Creating a new note in evernote is no more difficult than appending to an existing note.