Any Bored Programmers? I've got a project for you

This lambing season I’m uncovering a number of newly surfacing bugs in LambTracker due to the massive database overhaul I just finished.

There are 2 main branches, only one of which is actually up on GitLab right now.
Branch 1 is the field app, written in Java and running on Android. I’ve been swatting bugs by either hard coding in quickie fixes or just doing manual corrections on the database as soon as I come in from the lambing pasture. I’ve got some basic ideas on what really needs to be done but haven’t gotten very far. Some are mundane, like changing the spinners and checkboxes to be custom so that I can make the buttons and text larger so they are easier to see and touch while wearing gloves. Some are more insidious, the close the keyboard button is unfortunately right over where the clear button is placed so an inadvertent double press deletes all the data I so painstakingly entered. This one discovered last night at 10 pm in the lambing pen trying to process 2 brand new lambs. I’m using Android Studio and will push my latest code today. I’ve been working in the membership branch, I need to clean up, merge and get a new lambing bugs branch started but that may not happen today, depends on sheep.

LambTracker Mobile

Other main branch is to start the coding of a desktop version in Python. Nothing up in GitLab yet, I’m still in the design phase and figuring out what functions make more sense to do there. I also am still learning Python, but if anyone is interested I can start sharing stuff with you.

Just in case any programmers are bored and want to do something totally different for a change. :slight_smile: