Any brilliant ideas on what to do with an iPad 2?

I have an iPad 2 that is mostly just collecting dust at this point. It’s slow and barely usable because most things won’t run on it… Anyone got any brilliant ideas on how to put it to good use? The only thing I can think of a digital picture frame. Any other ideas?

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How about as an always-on dashboard for something work-related?

If it can’t run the latest patched OS: Turned off and forgotten, or at least never connected to a network. (Yeah, tiresome security guy got out on a Friday night :stuck_out_tongue: )

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An e-reader? Load some .epubs and since it’s not your regular device, no distractions from reading.

Local streaming from your Playstation or Xbox? Or as Homekit-hub.

Books, Netflix, secret documents etc., moving streaming of your photos, decoy device (confuse burglars to go elsewhere), conversation piece, tape recorder, private journal, tape secret messages/info to other side, give it away (to a kid, someone on a fixed income), play the real Plants v. Zombies, scout out old software (eg there’s a cool app of George Harrison and his guitars which I believe was done by his son. No longer is in the App Store), take it just about anywhere and not worry but a wee bit about it. See how much cool and inexpensive software you can find for it. Donate it to a library. Stuff like that! You don’t have to worry about dropping it.


I keep ours in the kitchen and it runs Paprika Recipe Manager. It still syncs with the other newer devices. Still use it as a picture frame when family comes over.

Wanted to use it to control the Sonos and control Spotify, but it won’t run those any longer.


digs around for old iPad

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I use my 1st gen iPad as storage for the pdf files of owners manuals for tools and appliances.

If you do donate it, PLEASE sign out of Find My iPad first and then delete your iCloud account. Otherwise you are bricking a device for the next owner.

That’s a great idea!!


I turned an old iPad mini into a stream deck device. Works like a charm

What’s the oldest iPad that can be a Home Hub?

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According to this iMore article, any iPad running iOS 9 or newer. The iPad 2 can run iOS 9.3, so it would be an option.

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