Any consensus reached on if the 3rd/latest gen MBA keyboards are more reliable?

Hello all!

We are looking at getting a new MBA in the family, to replace an older 11" 2015 MBA.
Anyone have a sense on whether the 2019 version’s keyboard is more reliable, relative to the previous versions?

I realise that’s almost an impossible question to ask – but what is the general ‘vibe’ – is the latest version over the worst of it?

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FWIW, I had the 2015 MacBook and have a 2018 MacBook Air that I bought ~4-6 months ago?

I actually liked the MacBook keyboard, but I did have to have it serviced several times.

So far, the MBA keyboard has had zero problems.

And I think the 2019 even had a very minor tweak / improvement over the 2018 model.

My guess is that Apple has largely, if not entirely, “solved” the problem of the butterfly keyboard, but at this point it’s reputation is ruined, so they’ll have to replace it anyway.

However, I would not have any qualms about recommending the current generation of MacBook Air – with the obvious caveat that "sometime in 2020” the MBA will probably get the new scissor keyboard, but if you need one now, then you need one now. Not to mention that no one knows if/when the MBA will be updated with the new keyboard, although we all suspect it will.

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Thanks - appreciate the reply.

I did a quick scan over in the Macrumors’ MBA forums, and there doesn’t appear to be much in terms of complaints about the 2019 models there either.

At least, noticeably less so, compared to what was the case a few years back. So that’s at least a positive sign as well.

I have a brand new 2019 MBA and so far no problems but then I haven’t had it long either. I needed one now so couldn’t wait for the possibility of a better keyboard next year.

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we have 2 new MBAs in the family though probably the 2018 versions…really enjoy them though don’t use for heavy duty work. no keyboard issues.

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