Any digital frame that supports Synology NAS photos

I have a Lenovo digital frame. It works well and I like it.

However, it only works with Google Photos.

Does anyone know whether there is a physical product (not some photo slide show that runs on iPad, etc) that I can connect to Synology Photos ?

By the way, the Synology Photos in DSM 7 is getting to be a more matured product, serves as backup and also enable face recognition and photo sharing. My workflow is to back up my iPhone (and other photos) using Photosync to the Synology NAS, then back up the NAS photo folder to Backblaze B2 and idrive. Hope this is safe enough.

If I can connect a photo frame to Synology NAS, I can get rid of Google photos and Apple photos all together.

As you are using DSM 7, the Synology Photos app will upload your photos to NAS automagically.
No need for Photosync

yes, I am using DSM 7 but I found Synology photo upload is slow and unreliable. Photosync is a lot more responsibive. So I have disabled the mobile app upload

just to add to that, I have a lot of photos shared with me via WhatsApp and other social media. Would Synology mobile app (or Photosync) be able to backup those to NAS ? I could not find out how

If the photos are in your “Camera Roll”
then they will be uploaded.

(There is a manual upload as well)