Any dropshare users and its uses

I have been looking at the app Dropshare (its on sale in a MacBundle). It sounds intriguing, however, I’ve noticed that when looking for reviews or how-to’s, these don’t actually tell you what the app does. Same for the website; it tells you what a valuable tool it is and what services it works with, but very little about what it does or how it fits into a “workflow.”

Anyone willing to share their experiences and what its best for.

Background: I am a teacher; we use Google Drive, OneDrive and I have a Dropbox account.

It sits in the menu bar, and you can drop files/folders onto it.
It will upload to your Dropbox, etc. account(s), then put a link to the upload on the clipboard that you can paste into an email, etc.

It does a lot of other things too. See their Extensive Functionality section on their page.

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I have it through Setapp and I don’t use it often, but when I need its functionality it’s the perfect tool for the job.

I use an alternative (Dropzone) and quite like it. I also use Yoink. I suspect all three apps might have free trials?