Any equivalent to Genius Shuffle on iOS - either an app or shortcut?

Recently rediscovered Genius shuffle in the Music app on macOS and am loving it

Sad to see that Apple removed that functionality in the Music app on iOS a few years ago I believe

Does anybody know of a 3rd party app that comes close to recreating the functionality of Genius on iOS?

Or even a shortcut that can do this?


I only vaguely recall what genius shuffle did. Does this functionality from soor do what you’re describing?

I have Soor and have created the ’genius’ mix as Federico had described but that doesn’t really do the same thing as Apple’s genius shuffle/mix

Apple’s version is more a riff off a single song - you tell it to create a genius mix or shuffle based on a song and, bang, almost instantaneously comes up with a great mix of songs, again, based on the origin song

I see that the article you linked is by Ryan, but here is the one to which I was referring where Federico describes how he made a ‘genius mix’

In that case I don’t know of any apps or shortcuts that replicate.

Does pandora count?

Auto play!

See the “auto play mode” heading here: What's new in the Apple Music app for iOS 14: Listen Now tab, endless autoplay, iPad redesign - 9to5Mac

It’s not quite the same as you can’t create/save playlists, but the way it chooses music reminds me of the old Genius mode.

And yes, I miss it on iOS too.

Thanks for the reminder about autoplay!

Here’s what I did - started a song from a playlist and then used Federico’s Musicbot shortcut to clear the Up Next queue

Then I touched the autoplay icon - ‘similar’ songs were then added to the queue

Wonder if the songs are generated in a similar manner to genius on macOS music, but I guess this is the closest we’ll get

Thanks again

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I think the “Create a Station” option from a song is fairly equivalent to genius playlists, but I might be mistaken!

I can’t imagine Apple would have vastly different algorithms to provide Genius, Create a Station, and autoplay. Oddly, though, I have never found Stations to be as good as Genius or autoplay.

Probably just bad luck, superstition, or both.

Thanks for the additional suggestion

I will try creating a station on iOS and see how it compares with the same song genius shuffled on macOS

Just ran across this in my RSS feeds. Looks like there may be something in one of the apps.

Thanks for the link

That MagicPlaylist option looks interesting, though it requires a Spotify account

I have a free account and I guess I could just create the playlist on Spotify and then SongShift it over to Apple Music