Any fix for there being no sound when screen recording

Hi all,

I’m frustrated by the ‘Screenshot’ feature on my MacBook mini.

It annoys me that you can record the screen but there’s no sound during playback because the Mac mini is not offered up as a sound source instead it has to listen to my WebCam microphone rather than the computer itself.

Do you know of a way around this? An application perhaps?

I looked into something called ‘Soundflower’ but I was unsuccessful in being able to download that without a great deal of hassle it just wasn’t working out for me. Something of an alternative to that might seem useful.

Just wondering if anybody knows of anything.

Thanks in advance.

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Loopback by Rogue Ameoba.

Ultimate sound routing - worth every dollar and much more!

Also, their SoundSource utility is very useful too.

If doing a lot of screen recording, a 3rd party screen recorder is much more convenient. Even if you don’t use all the fancy features, the controls for screen recording is much better.

An affordable, and under-appreciated app for screen recording is CleanShotX.

(“under-appreciated” because most people love it for static screenshots, but don’t realize it does a great job at screen recording too!)


Blackhole is free and does what you’re asking for perfectly.

iirc Soundflower stopped being viable quite a few years ago, I think even before the jump to Apple Silicon.

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Sounds great.

Having tried to download it I came across this little stopper again! Not sure how to proceed. Any advice?


I’m not sure how top get past this!

from the FAQ:

Why is the Installer failing?

  • Certain versions of macOS have a known issue where install packages may fail to install when the install package is located in certain folders. If you downloaded the .pkg file to your Downloads folder, try moving it to the Desktop and open the .pkg again (or vice-versa).

Sadly that didn’t work.

It’s frustrating not to be able to get past this. I hope someone out there can offer some help

You mean for free, right? :wink:

As mentioned earlier, Rogue Amoeba apps work amazingly well. Not free, but at least you are supporting a small-ish software developer that cares about building quality apps and supporting their customers.

On the GitHub page the developer mentions the following under Features:
• Builds for Intel and Apple Silicon

It’s quite possible that you somehow have the wrong installer package for your processor type. Also, when I put my email address in for the installer link, it downloaded version 0.6.0, so that may have just gone live.

The installer also requires an Admin username and password to complete installation.

I just ran the 0.6.0 installer and received this message upon completion:

One of these ideas should get you started in the right direction.

Sure! I’ll give you that free (given the amount of times I’m likely to use it) suits me better than a subscription model for sure but I take your point. If you want these things to work well sometimes paid is best.

Thanks, I’ll take another look at it.

Hope things worked out well for you with the suggestions provided.

I wanted to give an update that in the intervening time, I just posted a full guide to using BlackHole with Screenshot for capturing video recordings with original quality audio in case you or anyone reading this thread from the forum wanted to go deeper into the workflow: