Any golfers out there?

I currently use a Garmin Approach watch when I play golf. It calculates distance from the hole for courses all over the world. I live in NY and play most of my golf here. Is there a really good app for the Apple Watch that I could use as a replacement for the Garmin and get all the other benefits of an Apple Watch? Thanks!

My 2008 SkyCaddie 2.5 is dying. I play with friends who use the Garmin; they seem pretty happy with it. I’ll probably get one for next season.

But to your question, take a look at the golf apps available on your iPhone because those are what would be available on the Watch if the developer decides to do a watch app. Many birdies!

I’m currently testing GolfLogix app. Tried a few others but this may be a keeper. Seems to get me the desired info quicker than other apps. A bit of a learning curve but easier than a 6ft downhill putt!

I play a lot of golf in NJ. I too use a Garmin Approach. I have tried using various Apple Watch apps. The issue I have is that unlike my Garmin, the Apple Watch is (1) not always on, so you have to keep tapping it which gets annoying fast; and (2) once it does awaken, it defaults either to the watch face or an apple app…I couldn’t get it to tap on directly to a golf app. For me, these 2 points are big negatives for using my Apple Watch for golf. I otherwise love my Apple Watch. If these 2 points don’t bother you, i would suggest 18 Birdies but that is based on only a handful of rounds.

I use Swing U (formerly Swing by Swing) on my iPhone—I don’t have an Apple Watch yet. It offers an Apple Watch app. It might be worth looking into. I’ve been quite happy with the iPhone app. I’m looking forward to testing it on the Apple Watch myself because it’s not ideal to pull your phone out to switch clubs and track shots.

Try going to the watch app,General, Wake Screen and check “On Screen…” Within 1 hour of last use.
Then “On Tap” check Wake for 70 Seconds.
Works great for me. You could always return to previous settings after your round of golf. :golfing_man:t3:‍♂

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Thanks for tip! Going to give it a shot next nice weather day here.

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I use the Arccos 360 system that has a good Apple Watch app. Also like the phone integration. Only downside - you have to have the phone on you when you swing. But I hear they’re coming out with a clip early next year.