Any good alternatives for Devonagent for capturing research or PDFs to add into DevonThink?

So I’m a user of DevonThink and have enjoyed it a lot for collecting research and PDF’s. It has a Chrome extension to capture PDF’s. Problem is I’d like to capture all the pages I have open to PDF in one swoop. I also have a lot of tabs opened up in Safari too. I saw Devonagent but it seems that it doesn’t work with capturing multiple PDF’s of open tabs at the same time. Thoughts? Experiences with Devonagent?

I’ve owned DevonAgent Pro for years but I have never used it with DevonThink, nor do I think it can do what you’d want it to do. But you can download the app before buying so try it out.

If you have multiple tabs with pdfs the Chrome extension is just click-click-click, not slow, not difficult, and no extra cost. :man_shrugging:

Almost as fast is saving the pdf to a folder (also free) and either importing later or using with Hazel to auto-import from a watch folder. (Hazel is $32, DevonAgent Pro is $99)

Sometimes like the best of us I overthink things. I think it comes down to just dedicating some time at the end of the day to capturing to PDF the web pages I want for latter to store in DevonThink and close out of the ones I’m done with. I did download the free trial of Devonagent, It seems like a pretty cool concept and I’ll continue to check it out. I could see if being useful for research in gathering a variety of sources at once. Still going to play around with it, though I like it so far. Even if I don’t use it permanently due to the cost it’s still a cool app (Devonagent).

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I bought DevonAgent Mach 2010, and the upgrade to Pro a year later. I’ve gotten my money’s worth. I use it periodically to perform deep searches on terms that find results that Google either doesn’t or which it places far, far down in results pages. I don’t use it much but when I’m researching topics and not looking for a specific answer to something, it offers up useful and interesting hits.