Any good chair mats?

As the title above says: I need a chair mat. Preferably something that doesn’t look gross. My chair is chewing up and chipping out vinyl floor. The best solution is to replace the floor entirely with something… less stupid, but budgets being what they are, I’m getting a chair mat for now.

I don’t want anything with spikes on the bottom. It has to be good for hard floors.

Otherwise, hook me up with any recommendations you might have! This is not an easy product category to shop for.

Maybe this:

Sadly all the products referenced in that thread are discontinued (or appear that way). Like I said, this is a hard product category!

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You have probably seen this and you’re not in the US if I remember correctly, but I certainly didn’t know there was a company totally devoted to floor mats. :grinning:


Cool! Your memory is good; I’m not American. Usually that works out in my favour, but in this case… great resource though! Thanks for sharing.

I’d also (if I were you) look to change the wheels on your chair for something more like a Roller Blade wheel.

I bought these and have never looked back.

I’ve had this chair in several living spaces and many floor types and the wheels have never so much as scratched a floor before. It’s just crappy vinyl, and it peels and cracks virtually on its own, so nothing will save it from wheels unfortunately. We’ve already had to replace pieces of this floor a handful of times in multiple living spaces downstairs, so… yeah.

I’ve had this one for two years and I’ve been really happy with it.

My vinyl planks were not doing too well so I went with this one from Office Depot.

I’ve heard of these! How are they holding up? I’ve heard the seams of these can chip as well?

Ended up ordering this one, because it was highly recommended by a bunch of you and available via Amazon Canada (yay!). Thanks for the input!

Thanks to the recommendations here, I just changed my wheels for roller-blade-style wheels. They are great so far — I don’t know why Herman Miller doesn’t sell this as an option! I purchased mine from Office Logix because I could also get replacement arm rests, but lots of places have them.

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