Any good web clipper recommendations?

Hi MPUers, I’ve been using Evernote for a few years for web clipping and it does an excellent job clipping the page and sustains the formatting and images. I’m planning to do away with the EN subscription. Any good softwares for web clipping? Free or one-time app would be good!

Clipper needs to be able to clip webpage, in HTML or MD format.

PS: Not DevonThink as I don’t wanna buy such an expensive software for note taking :slight_smile:

Where are you going to clip to? If you want a simple clipper that gives you a portable archive of a whole page, try the SingleFile browser extensions (Safari, Chrome, FF.) SingleFile is like WebArchive, but it encodes all needed scripts, styles and images into a single .html file.


Depending on your needs, Zotero might do what you need - it has a Zotero Connector extension.

However, if you’re not looking for organizational/bibliographical powers, it’s a bit overkill compared to SingleFile.

I use MarkDownload extensión on Safari to download a readable markdown summary of articles and stuff like that. If I want the full page I will print a PDF.

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Won’t save into HTML or MD format, but works great when you need PDF.

+1 for this. Pretty sure Brett Terpstra also has a tool for turning a webpage or selection into Markdown