Any macOS and iOS Apps That Track Verizon Data Usage?

I get my iPhone, iPad, and Mac data via a Verizon plan and each month I’m unhappy when I see how much data I’m using. Are there any macOS and iOS apps that will monitor and report on which apps are using how much data? If I can tell the app to turn off data for particular apps unless I’m connected to a Wi-Fi network, that would be an added bonus. Thanks!

On iOS, the operation system does a pretty good job of this. Go to Settings > Cellular Data to see which apps are using the most data and prevent them from using cellular data.

For macOS, there are several apps that can do this sort of thing. I like TripMode, which does a nice job of balancing simplicity and power. If you want something that gives more granular control (at the cost of considerably more fiddlyness), you could also try Little Snitch.