Any magic tips for getting Apple TV app on Roku to behave?

Got a Roku, and the Apple TV app worked just fine initially - but now, for some completely inexplicable reason, when I go into the Apple TV app it seems to be drawing a screen for 1080 - and I’m on a TV that’s 720p.

When it first fires up, the Apple logo is dead center on the screen (as it should be for 720p), then the logo gets much bigger and moves lower and to the right (i.e. as if you tried to display a 1080p background on the 720p screen).

Once it loads up the main screen with all the shows, menu, etc., the result is that the top and bottom are cut off, which makes it pretty much impossible to use.

The thing is, the Roku knows full well that it’s hooked up to a 720p TV, so I’m not sure why the Apple TV app would be goofed up. I tried removing the Apple TV app and re-adding it too, and no joy.

I was kind of hoping to get it working so I could watch the last couple of shows I wanted to watch before my free year runs out this winter. :slight_smile:

Anybody else ever have this problem? Any idea as to a solution?

Looks like you aren’t the only one having this problem.

Does the Apple TV app even support 720p televisions?

It did initially. And I’m not sure why it wouldn’t, but…Apple. As long as I don’t want to listen to it via wired headphones, I feel like I should be good. :wink: