Any one using Librephotos to replace Apple Photos

I already stopped using Apple photos and I am in the middle of removal the icloud storage of photos

I just bumped into this article and see that Librephotos has a lot of features in comparison to Synology Photos (currently using) and Photo Prism (considered previously)

Just wondering any experienced users of Librephotos can offer any advise whether I should change over from Synology Photos to Librephotos

I’m trying to get away from Apple Photos. Librephotos is going on my list to look at, although I suspect it’s overkill for me. I’m also going to look at Monument Photos. I haven’t done anything since I need to coordinate with those I share albums with.

According to the previously linked comparison (and the documentation), Librephotos does not have an iOS app. That is a show-stopper for me. And if they add it later, will it really be a high priority app given their current situation?