Any one using Librephotos to replace Apple Photos

I already stopped using Apple photos and I am in the middle of removal the icloud storage of photos

I just bumped into this article and see that Librephotos has a lot of features in comparison to Synology Photos (currently using) and Photo Prism (considered previously)

Just wondering any experienced users of Librephotos can offer any advise whether I should change over from Synology Photos to Librephotos

I’m trying to get away from Apple Photos. Librephotos is going on my list to look at, although I suspect it’s overkill for me. I’m also going to look at Monument Photos. I haven’t done anything since I need to coordinate with those I share albums with.

According to the previously linked comparison (and the documentation), Librephotos does not have an iOS app. That is a show-stopper for me. And if they add it later, will it really be a high priority app given their current situation?

Did you give this a try? Ideally, I want something that I can add to my machine but that will work with files on my Synology. We are adding photos there regularly via iOS and drag/drop on our/typically my machines.

I’m hoping to find (maybe it’s impossible?) an app that I can simply point to where pictures are stored on our family server and work with them there. I don’t mind storing some data on the machine and presume that might be inevitable, but want the pictures to stay where they are unless intentionally deleted.



I’ve used ACDSee to do this in the past, though I was using the cheapest Windows version, not the macOS version. I assume it’ll be the same.

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Expensive: PhotoMechanic.

Inexpensive: Neofinder.

For historical reasons I use both. And can recommend both.

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