Any powerful list app?

Do you know any powerful list app that can be customized into specific purposes?

In my mind, these are essential requirements:

  • offline support
  • Shortcuts support
  • tagging
  • smart list

I couldn’t find one.

iOS/iPadOS or macOS?

On iOS/iPadOS Remember The Milk checks all the boxes.

I’m still on macOS Big Sur, so I’m not sure shortcuts are also possible on macOS.

Workflowy or Dynalist?

Oh I meant on iOS and iPad OS. Thinking of something like Reminder supercharged, but not only for tasks.

Todoist fits that bill.

Thanks all for the reply so far!

Interesting that it’s either nested list based note taking app or task manager.

I wonder if there’s Airtable-like app but more list oriented rather than table. (Think about the UI of Reminder but much more powerful)

As I’m putting my toe into iOS dev, I might make one for myself. I’m a web developer but I am this close to pull the trigger to make an app to solve my own niche.

I’ll test those apps recommended in detail!

Omnioutliner can do this. It’s filtering and saved filters would let you achieve what you want.

Check out the FOSS outliner Zavala, that’s just updated yesterday to have extensive shortcut support.


I’ve been a long term fan of 2Do.

I‘m using Microsoft To Do (formerly known as wunderlist). I’m also tempted to use Firetask but I don’t think I need the full functionality.and Goodtask for expanding reminder functionality. For planning project todos I use Mindmaps (I thought). You can convert/export the Mindmaps to a bunch of format also creating lists out of it or work further on it in Outliner Pro…

I have also been wanting an app which works like Airtable, but so far I haven’t found one. But I have started to experiment more with Numbers and so far it seems to work for me; it’s not as feature rich like Airtable and data types are limited, it allows me to build custom lists for my needs that I can fill with shortcuts, has offline support, Pivot tables can be filtered/sorted and I quite like the form view on iOS for pretty nice data entry.

OmniOutliner also seems quite powerful for managing lists - you don’t have to use outlining - but on a quick check I think it doesn’t support shortcuts (which I find pretty disappointing😔)

What kind of lists are you seeking to manage?

Airlist is looking good thus far. Needs Shortcut support though.

Airlist seems cool! Thanks for the recommendation :slight_smile:

GoodTask is exactly what you are looking for.

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Todoist doesn’t work offline

you can look at

It adds features to apple reminders…

Just an hour ago a friend pointed me at: which you can self host (if you want and have the resources to do so)

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Take a look at AnyList. We first used it for sharing a grocery list between us but now have about six d different lists in it.