Any recommendations for DVD / CD drives for faster audiobook ripping?

I just inhered a ton of Audiobooks on CD from a family member (About 60).

I’d like to rip these and put them in .M4B format with the Audiobook Builder 2 app which I have used a few times over the last few weeks with audiobook CDS I had laying around.

The issue I am having importing via the Music App on my Mac Pro 5,1 is PAINFULLY slow. I have used both an Internal DVD / Drive (GH61N Hitachi 16X) and the Apple USB Super Drive which needs to be connected directly to a USB 2.0 port to be powered/

I haven’t dealt with optical media in about a decade so I am not sure what the market looks like for faster DVD drives and if that will even really help for ripping audio.

I don’t mind if is internal for a Mac Pro 5,1 since I can swap it out in my DVD cage or if its external and I can hook it up to my USB 3.0 card.