Any Safari Extension or Mac App that works as a web clipper for apple notes?

Hi everyone.

I’m trying to find a “similar” solution to the Evernote Webclipper or that one that Joplin uses. Currently I can only click the share button and select the place in apple notes I want the content to go, however this saves the link not the actual website in PDF or image format.

I’m thinking maybe just doing screenshots with CleanShot and the scrolling function will do what I need.


have had that problem for a long time myself; GoodLinks may help, also ToMarkdown Safari Extension (iPhone) or MarkDownload (Mac).

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How did you use Goodlinks for this purpose? The Markdown options feel a little bit unconventional and not as straightforward as just clicking one thing :frowning:

Answering myself here with a solution, its inside this post.

The gist of it is downloading a safari extension called SingleFile, activating it and inside the preferences of the extension change where they are going to be saved to “sharing” or “share” (can’t know exactly because I got it in the Spanish language “compartir”.

After that you just click it to save the entire page in HTML, press the share button at the top of the page that appears, select your apple notes and done. You can press space to preview it inside apple notes. You can also select what you want inside the webpage, right click, select the extension and choose to save just what you selected.

That’s it!

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I’m trying to get saved articles as PDF to the file system (GoodLinks), or to Agenda, which handles Markdown files for import. HTML wouldn’t be my first choice, but HTML will work fine for Apple Notes.

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