Any Safari Office 365 (web) users? -- typing glitch in email

Is anybody using the web version of Office 365 in Safari on your Mac? When I start typing an email, after I type the very first character, the cursor moves to the left of the letter I just typed. Subsequent letters are fine, so it is only the first letter.

This is on two Macs, although my automation workflows are duplicated across both. I couldn’t find anything in Keyboard Maestro that might cause it (EDIT: and I just quit the Keyboard Maestro engine, and still have the problem). I don’t have this issue in Chrome (which I avoid because of battery issues and other reasons).

Has anybody else seen this, or does anyone suggestions for where else to look to track it down?


When I run into this problem (in Google docs) I use the Brave browser, do my work, then close it.

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I have stopped using Office 365 in Safari. Like you, I have had a number of odd glitches from time to time. My solution is the same as @Bmosbacker; I use Brave when I need to access any if the office suite through the web.

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I’m using Edge (seriously). It’s quite good handling Microsoft stuff (who would have thought?!)

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