Any successor planned for the Logitech K811?

Any keyboard experts in the house?

Was about to recommend the Logitech K811 Bluetooth keyboard to a friend and looked it up on Amazon: $299!!!

I guess they discontinued it (can’t find it on Logitech’s site).

Is Logitech planning to replace this or make everyone use the one with the Windows layout (the K810)?

Everything I can find on the internet says the 811 is gone and nothing is planned to follow it :frowning:


Looks like Staples still has a few. The page allowed me to place one in a cart.


I think the K380 is the closest successor. Then there is the K580 that looks a bit similar, but includes number keys and the K780.

All of these looks like they are combined layouts for both Mac and Windows.

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They are definitely discontinued, unfortunately. I have 2 of them and love them!

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A shame that’s is gone. Always my first recommendation for iPad if a keypad was not a requirement. Fit in my messenger bag and worked for my style of use.

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Hey WayneG,

The Staples site let me add one to the cart and check all the way out, credit card, shipping info. and everything; THEN it crapped out and told me it was out of stock :frowning:

Gave me a strange error message though about being able to pick one up in a physical store “by Monday, October 14th.”

I stopped by my local store and no such luck!

But thank you for the link!!

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