Any way to always open Chrome to same location and size?

Does anyone have a way of causing the Mac version of Google Chrome to always open to the same screen location and size when you run it? Whenever I start the browser, I immediately have to use Moom to move it where I want it (fill the left side of the screen). I’ve searched online for a solution but haven’t found anything that works. Thanks.

Looks like a problem I’d throw at keyboard maestro.

It looks like you could use some scripts too.

edit: you could look at this macro

When I record my screen, I use this AppleScript to center Chrome and size it to 1920 x 1080

set theApp to "Google Chrome"
set appWidth to 1920
set appHeight to 1080

tell application "Finder"
	set screenResolution to bounds of window of desktop
end tell

set screenWidth to item 3 of screenResolution
set screenHeight to item 4 of screenResolution

tell application theApp
	set yAxis to (screenHeight - appHeight) / 2 as integer
	set xAxis to (screenWidth - appWidth) / 2 as integer
	set the bounds of the first window to {xAxis, yAxis, appWidth + xAxis, appHeight + yAxis}
end tell

I don’t remember where I found this online. Sorry.

Thank you! I will look this over.

Thanks! I’ll have a look.