Any way to edit the share menu so that the app you want is listed

I hate the way you use iOS share to take action on files as often what you want to do to the file does not show up as a share option. As a result, I have files strewn all about because that’s what options I was presented with.

I just wanted to save this to a new location in files or imported it into photos, but I was never given that opportunity using the share option.

It would be great if the apps that were not favorites would be listed alphabetically

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There are two sections of the iOS share sheet that you can edit: the app options and the action options.

You cannot always add any given app or any given action to any given share type. I don’t really understand how this works. I think it depends on what you’re sharing; if you customize your share sheet enough and often enough, I think you’ll usually see the patterns you wanna find, but I expect that there’s also a little bit of “Siri suggestions” magic offering different things depending on what the OS thinks you want.

The screen recording below shows how to edit both of those sections of the share sheet:

(Sorry to use an iCloud Photos link… couldn’t upload the thing directly here.)

Note that Shortcuts appear in the list of enable-able action options (if they’re configured as such from Shortcuts). So if you have common destinations (and actions) that could be set up via Shortcuts actions, that’s your best bet.

  1. Create a Shortcut for the “favourite” share sheet workflow
  2. Enable the share sheet option in the Shortcut’s configs
  3. In your Share Sheet, scroll to the bottom and hit “Edit actions”
  4. Find the Shortcut you’ve created, toggle it on, hit the plus to favourite it, then scroll to the top of the list of actions and reorder the favourites according to your preferences
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I think a lot of us have asked that question at one time or another. AFAIK the answer is still no. What is included in the share sheet is determined by the developer.

“ If those apps are not available as an option in the share sheet they are not available. Not all apps will be available for sharing through the share sheet. You can reach out to the app developer for further help: How to contact an app developer.”

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AFAIK the app developer specifies what actions can appear in their app’s share sheet. There may be some restrictions on this that are imposed by Apple, for what I can only suppose would be security reasons.

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