Any way to sync timers across HomePods?

We live in a long, narrow townhome without discrete rooms and have a HomePod in the “living room” and HomePod mini in the kitchen. Asking Siri to set a timer in the kitchen often (like 1/3 of the time) inexplicably puts the timer on the living room HomePod even though it’s way further away. Then when I ask how much time is left, the response is often “there are no timers running”. It’s infuriating.

I promised my partner I’d make a post about this, because it’s been driving us a bit wild for months now. Would be grateful for any suggestions. Am I missing a timer sync setting? Or do these devices really really need to be more physically separated (I’d say they’re about 30 feet apart with a wall that has a small window between them).

Good question. If there is something that can be done I haven’t found it. On occasion I can be standing next to the HomePod in my bedroom when I ask a question and my HomePod mini downstairs will answer.