Any word on rumors of an imminent M1 Air spec bump?

Using a 2015 base model MacBook Pro 13" now. Would love to trade it in and grab a new M1 Air with 16GB RAM. But doesn’t Apple sometimes do a minor spec bump of new laptops 6-8 months after release?

Wondering if I should wait a bit? This old 13" MacBook Pro is getting a bit slow, and occasionally wonky, but it’s not a critical situation. Thanks!

With the new architecture I would not expect a spec bump. I’d assume they are focused on getting the M2 or whatever out the door for iMac and other higher specced machines.

That said, my advice is always to wait as long as you can, but no longer.


I highly doubt the MBA will be updated before 2022, the transition is power and speed has been dramatic. Apple can be leave it alone for a while.

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I’m bummed that I needed to replace my work laptop now. I ordered the new M1 pro but I knew I’m going to look enviously at the new MB pro when it’s released in its 14” glory. Thank God planned obsolescence!

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Any reason you got the MBP over MBA? I made a comparison, I felt I will be paying $300 extra for touchbar. I might be missing something though.

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Oh, don’t have the Touch Bar. This is a 2015 8GB/256GB 13".

There’s also longer battery life, and the cooling system that could potentially lower the need for cpu throttling if the system heats up due to load.


I see, thanks for the information John.

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I think Apple would want MacBook Pro to leapfrog MacBook Air - to widen the gap between the two ranges. Either that or merge them, but still keep an Air replacement at the bottom of the range.

In this cadence, I would expect iMac / Mac Pro to start out similar to the new MacBook Pro’s and then maybe evolve away from them.

On the other hand (and I think this is unlikely) Apple might go for a “one chip” strategy and differentiate based on something other than chip design.

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