Any words of wisdom wrt using pi-hole w/ Eero?

Been using Eero for maybe a year. Happy with it.

Thinking about building a pi-hole. Any issues getting them to work together? Tips? Things to watch out for?

Thanks in advance!

I set up a Pi as an airplay receiver in my kitchen and put Pi-hole on it. I initially set it to cover the whole network, but I changed to connecting devices individually. My wife wouldn’t be able to trouble shoot it if any problem came up while I wasn’t around to deal with it.

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If you can set your own DNS provider in your router, you can use pi-hole. I have done something similar to @rcannonp for one or two devices on my network. It’s not ideal but it’s workable.

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I was running Eero with PiHole as the customer DNS with only a couple of issues.

You will need to ensure the PiHole gets a fixed IP address (Eero DHCP registration will do this for you)

Then set custom DNS and make sure that you have the PiHole to either forward requests on to either your service provider’s DNS or to Google, CloudFlare etc.

The only real issue we ran into was there are some links (our daughter had an issue with a link to her college web site) that get sent through an analytics site first and that site was blocked the PiHole. Cured that by making the site whitelisted.

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Are you using their Eero Secure service? If so, my understanding is that you have to use the eero’s own DNS. I suppose you could put the pi-hole first, and then have it forward to eero.

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This is why I have Eero Pro’s and as reliable and robust setup as I can.

Reliable Router for DHCP, DNS and to manage the internet connection. Which I have a spare for, pre-configured and ready to go, incase the original fails. Eero’s in bridge mode to provide Wifi.

Rather than using a Pi, why not use a more secure DNS? Like

Never fails when I am here. It’s always the rare times I am away…


I already had the Pi for other stuff, and this is the first that I’ve heard of Quad9. I’ll give it a look.

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No, not using that product. But I know exactly what you mean.

Thanks! I don’t think Eero allows you to have different devices or profiles for DNS, I think it’s one for everything? Do you mean you use “regular” DNS for Eero, but have specific devices override that by pointing just them to the pi-hole for DNS?

You can run your EEROs in bridge mode and use your router for DNS and DHCP. This is why I went for Eero’s over Google’s offering at the time. Google’s would only Mesh if you bridged the router. Eero’s will still mesh if you let the router do DNS and DHCP/run them in bridge mode.

Bridging: What is Bridge Mode And Why do I Need It?

I have my Eero set to use Cloudflare DNS. My Pi running Pi-hole is connected to the Eero network. I manually set the DNS servers of any device that I want to use Pi-hole to the Pi address on that device.


I recently made one of these, and just installed pi-hole on it. Seems to be working so far.

If not using Eero secure, I use DietPi, slimmed down version of Pi software and you can install more their interface. Aside from that, I use SSH (locally only) to update the Pi. Follow others’ advice on setting up a fixed IP in Eero Advanced settings for your Pi, and in the Pi, setting your DNS providers. Find some blocklists to add to you Pi!

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