Anybody else have weird "Do Not Disturb" issues?

I have:

  • iPhone
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad Pro
  • Mac Mini
  • MacBook Air

Whenever somebody sent me a text message, it said that I had notifications silenced - and my iPhone wouldn’t make the whooshy noise. Checked my iPhone. “Do Not Disturb” wasn’t on. Checked my iPad Pro, and it was. Turned it off. No help. Checked my MacBook Air. Not on there. Mac Mini, it was on. Turned it off. All of a sudden my iPhone felt okay playing the “whoosh” when a new message comes in.

I know that Apple has that Focus “sync across devices” thing, and it was enabled - but I have no idea why, if my iPhone is going to ACT like it’s in a Focus mode, it wouldn’t SAY it was in a Focus mode. And of course, more importantly, why turning OFF focus on my iPad Pro - if this is really an “account wide” sort of thing - wouldn’t have turned it off everywhere.

Anybody else see this sort of weirdness?

yeah, I ran into that a few months back. I think I ended up turning off all focus modes on all devices. It’s a feature I just don’t need…

I noticed that with one of my devices as well. I ended up disabling “share across devices”

That’s the way I’m going too. I’d like the feature if it worked, but it very clearly doesn’t.

No issues here, and I used the mode a lot (read pretty much 24 hours a day)