Anybody ever have 1Password items just outright disappear?

I have a login in 1Password that I use multiple times every day, and today it just completely disappeared. Gone. Couldn’t search it, it wasn’t in the “archive”, nothing.

So I fired up my phone. Shut off all the network stuff. Fired up 1Password, and boom - there it was. So I copied the password to a “secure note”. Turned the network back on. The note synced everywhere, and the phone deleted the login in question.

The thing is, this is a root password for a server. It’s kind of important. Losing it would be a Very Bad Thing. And apparently there’s no way for me to just click a button and restore a backup from yesterday when I know it was there.

I’ve sent 1Password an email, but i’m wondering if anybody has ever seen this behavior before. Supposedly the big benefit of the cloud is that 1Password manages it, so it’s all super-secure…very frustrating.

I don’t think so, but if it was a password I don’t use often, I don’t think I’d know.

I do find the search often won’t find what I want. There is a particular SSH key password I use from time to time that search never finds. I literally search “SSH” and it shows me two other entries. Then I go into the categories and manually find it and the title is “SSH Key 2021”. :man_shrugging:

I noticed it was gone because it wasn’t showing up in the search in the browser integration - but if it can’t find a note based on a word that’s right in the title, that seems pretty useless. I wonder if there’s a way to tell it to rebuild a search index or something?

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I haven’t seen that myself, at least not for anything important, but… It’s the primary reason that I’m unhappy with the lack of support for local vaults going forward. My local vault on my Mac is a mirror of the cloud vaults. That protects me from both my own clumsy fingers and from software errors that might cause this kind of loss. Plus since the local vault is local it’s in backups that I control. Blah, blah… There’s probably an easier way to do this but it’s what I fell into based on long-time use of a local vault.

I had to delete my account/cloud data the first time that I installed 1Password 7 due to a setup problem. At the time (this was a few years ago) deletion required access to my email and, from what I remember, nothing else. I’d really hoped that would have been a lot harder and it’s another reason that this cloud-only thing concerns me.

It’s good to hear that you were able to recover but, wow, this is a chilling story.

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Definitely interested in what support says about that item.

I’ve found a few search quirks as well. We usually add extra keywords to the title when something doesn’t come up the way we expect. That SSH search fail is a funny one, though.


I am on 1P beta 8.5.0-83 , but so far so good , nothing unusual so far. However, very interesting in your finding and what 1p support advises

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I haven’t seen anything. However are you using 1password beta 8 ?

Not on the beta - running 7.9.2.

Have you heard back yet from AgileBits?

Yeah. Their support either doesn’t understand the problem, or I’m just at the “jumping through hoops” stage.

Again, to review, I had the item on my Mac. It had been there since 2018 - then it disappeared. I shut off Wi-Fi, checked my phone. It was there. I synced, and then it wasn’t. So my iPad’s Wi-Fi has been off ever since.

They first told me I should sync my iPad. Um…no. That’s what deleted it on my iPhone.

I sent them diagnostics from my Mac and my phone. They seemed to think that everything looked good.

Then after they’d told me to make sure to sync my iPad (which almost certainly would’ve destroyed the data), they asked me to take and email screenshots showing that the login item is actually in my synced vault. Which I did after force-closing every other app and only firing up Wi-Fi long enough to send the email - then back off. The item is still on my iPad, but not on my phone or Mac.

We’ll see what they have to say next, but they seem to be operating under the assumption that the item I’m talking about is in a different vault or something - which isn’t the case.

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Out of curiosity, does it show up in the Recently Deleted list?

If you sign in to your account from the web and click on the vault that your item was in, you should see a “View Recently Deleted” button in the bottom left of the sidebar (under the Archive):

Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 4.38.54 PM

Just wondering if it somehow ended up in there by accident or whether it truly vanished from the account somehow.

Nope. They walked me through that too, actually. I’d already checked both Archive and Recently Deleted though before I contacted them.

Very strange! Well I’ll be interested to hear what you find out if they manage to get to the bottom of it. Sorry I couldn’t help.

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