Anybody have any favorite stickers for iPad / Apple …?

I have too much dark grey and black stuff in my life, and I’d like a nice sticker to throw on my iPad Pro keyboard case (assuming it would even stick … ? ) to make it easier to pick it out if it’s in a pile of other black / grey stuff.

Anybody have any recommendations?


Same here. Looks terrible IMHO and not creative at all.

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I have been tempted, but I generally sell my stuff before after upgrading. My upgrade cycles are slowing, though, so maybe I’ll sticker the upcoming magic keyboard…

yah i can’t bring myself to sticker my ipad itself. the keyboard, though, is easy to eat the cost of.

How about something from the Sticker Robot Artist Pack?

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Yeah, I’m not wanting to coat the thing with a mess of stickers - just one. Something to visually differentiate it from the other mass of grey stuff that lives around here. :slight_smile:

New sticker day!

Harley’s looking pretty faded now.

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That Julia Garner sticker is sweet!

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I’m slowly adding to my magic keyboard. TL was there for along time solo.

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