Anybody have certain tasks or things after work they do on certain days?

My dad and I were talking about theming our days in what we work on after our jobs. So for example I could have most of my computer task stuff to work on Monday or Tuesday. I could do whatever paperwork I have for work or home on a Thursday for instance. My dad could deal with finances and tax stuff for the family or personally on Wednesday’s for example. Weekends for little projects around the house. A checklist of tasks for the day before bed such as loading and running the dishwasher. Thoughts?

I think everyone has these tasks. For dealing his hoursehold chores I used to switch off between a few iOS apps (Unfilth Your Habitat, which hasn’t been updated in ages but is based on the website. Brightnest [same], and Tody. I ended up copying over the most-used checklists and putting them into Anylist, plus adding repeating reminders (every x days/months) in my task manager.

Pretty much anything that needs to be done goes in my task manager or calendar, and that includes repeating items like replacing my toothbrush, flipping my mattress, remembering the closing dates for credit cards, alerts to upcoming birthdays, etc.

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Thanks for the reply as always. So some thoughts with this. I find I want to have my work tasks separated from my personal tasks. I think I could accomplish this by using Omnifocus perspectives and making a rule so I’m not just having stuff sit in my Omnifocus inbox (that’s a bad habit). I think too is when I’m doing stuff for work I just wanna see that stuff.

As for calendars they are fantastic! I have some long term projects at work that need to get done. So on that I’m torn as a calendar would help with deadlines but also there still need to be tasks to be completed too.

I’m also starting to think about batching tasks. For example I have some set stuff I need to teach that I could go ahead and spend 3 or 4 hours planning out the whole month. This is as opposed to stressing over planning for my week every week.

I’ve thought about this sort of thing occasionally, but life always gets in the way and I almost immediately decide that a more free-flowing approach gives me more joy in life.

What I have done in the last year is start adding more things into Due app, so I get nagged every other Thursday to message my sister, for example. I do this for anything that I’d like to do on a regular basis and choose a day of the week that I think might suit the task, but often actually do it a day or two later.


I’m not sure how OF works or how you configure it, but in Todoist I live inside the ‘Next Seven Days’ view, so I never really see any list items that aren’t upcoming. (I assume OF has a one-week perspective option too.)

I put - and put away - my checklists in Anylist when they’re not time-dependent. Anylist was designed for groceries (it’s fantastic for that, actually) but you can manually create any kind of checklist, and the free version is enough for most unless you edit lists with another user or want access to the Mac app. You can easily attach pics to items, so I snapped pics of all the different household items (eg lightbulbs, stapler-sizes, batteries) in my place so I can easily get the right ones when at the hardware store, for example.

Theoretically it would be nice to maintain these general checklists into my task manager but in practice it seems to clutter things up there, and besides, I use Anylist for my groceries so I figure I might as well give it other duties…

I pretty much live inside Google Calendar, and Todoist has 2-way sync so that it places dated/timed tasks into GC, and if I move those while in the calendar the changes reflect back into Todoist immediately. That 2-way sync is even available in the free version of Todoist, by the way.

  1. Look out window, see neighbors trash cans
  2. Take out trash
  3. Done
  4. :innocent:

Same way, and then “oh there’s two bins? Must be recycling.” Thank goodness for responsible neighbors.

I try and do themed days. Certain days for grading, others for content creation, another for lesson planning, another for calls.

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