Anybody have experience roaming with US cell phone in the Caribbean?

I have a US cell phone, and there’s a training I’m supposed to go to in Nassau. SUPPOSEDLY Mint Mobile allows roaming there via UpRoam, but I’m concerned about service quality since this is a business line that I need to be able to answer.

I realize that finding somebody with Mint that’s been there is probably unrealistic, but I would guess that service quality is similar for all US carriers as they’re all “roaming” there. Anybody have any experience?

I’ve roamed there and in other countries on Verizon and have never had any issues. As long as your plan is set up to allow international roaming, I would think you’d be fine (Verizon is simple as I just have that “feature” on my account and can hop on the network in any country for $10 day (cheaper for Canada or Mexico)).

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Just sharing this link to Airalo

I’ve found this eSIM solution to be invaluable when travelling. Not sure how it compares to existing plans.

I’d seen that company, but all of those seem to be “data only”, and that’s exactly what I don’t need. I can live without data - but not without my phone ringing for voice calls. :slight_smile:

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We have T-Mobile and have visited a couple of islands, Nassau being one of them. We were only on the island for the day from a cruise, but the coverage was available at no extra charge. The speeds were not outstanding, but it got us around the island and I was able to refresh some podcasts.

I think I heard Allison on the NosillaCast talk about a site called that they used when traveling abroad, but we have not used it yet. Safe travels ahead.

I use Mint, so I’m on T-Mo’s network - that’s good to know that T-Mo had decent coverage. Thanks!

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