Anybody have experience with the mic on AfterShokz headphones / headset?

Looking at these, and I’m wondering (a) how they sound, and (b) how well the built-in mic works. I see they have basic headphones, and a “headset” model that’s almost twice as pricey with a boom-style mic. I have to assume the one with the boom is a better-quality mic, but does anybody have experience?

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Yep, had them for a few weeks now and sue them on Teams calls. No issues. I have the running version not the boom version.
Oh, one issue: I forget I have them on and realises when I’m at the shops! :joy:
Anything specifically you want to to know?

Some of the stuff I think I’ll only learn by buying and trying, but…

I have a large head. “Had to buy a Harley Davidson motorcycle helmet to ride my import moped because they were the only ones that made a helmet my size” large. I’m concerned about fit, and I think that’ll be a “buy and try” answer - but any input is welcome. :slight_smile:

As for usage, mainly I’m just listening to podcasts and answering phone calls. Hoping to try something that doesn’t feel as “heavy” as full-blown over-the-ear headphones (on-ear headphones drive me nuts), and doesn’t plug my ear canal since my usage is actually causing some minor ear issues.

But having podcasts sound acceptable and being able to have reasonable-quality phone calls is absolutely critical. 99.9% of the time when I’m on the phone I’m inside. So no wind issues unless I have a fan on or something.

This is the version I’m looking at:

Is that the one you have?

Looks the same. Mine are the ones before the latest OpenRun version which a YouTuber says are an improvement. But as I haven’t had the OpenRuns I don’t know (and don’t care :slight_smile: )

I am very picky with this stuff and they have been really good. Perfectly fine for podcasts and taking calls.

The tap (push) on the left side takes a bit of getting used to for skipping, pausing etc but I look at that as being different to AirPods, not worse.

I use the Aftershokz Air daily for when I am out of the house, mainly to listen to podcast and taking the occasional teleconference on-the-go. It is quite good but, if you are in a busy cafe, you need to cup your hand over your ear to listen to it. It works fine inside a car.

However, they are not so good for music but I think your mileage may wary there.

I had a pair that I bought thinking they’d be great for trains, so I could still hear the announcements. They’re not, as I couldn’t hear podcasts over the sound of the train but other than that, they;ve been surprisingly good. I don’t think I’ve taken a call on them, so can’t comment on the mic, but for walking round my local area so I can still hear traffic, they’ve been handy, as you can still hear your surroundings.

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