Anybody have experience with the Rollermouse from Contour?

I’m currently ErgoDox EZ / Magic Trackpad, but the recent MPU guest was talking about the Rollermouse - and it looks really, really interesting.

Does anybody have any experience with it?

It’s basically standard office equipment here in Norway. They’re all over the place. I prefer a trackball, though.

What makes the trackball preferable in your eyes?

I used to support an office full of them. I’ll try to be as kind as possible here. Full disclosure, these were the version 2 (I think - it was quite a while ago). They are inexact, sloppy, you find yourself banging them against the stops to go “farther” on your monitor, and the plastic and foam padding gets really gross really quick. When Adam Engst said that people do not want to use his computer because the mouse is weird, I think he was not aware that people do not want to use his computer because his mouse is GROSS! After a while, only 1 person in the office was still using theirs.

As I said above, I tried very hard to be nice here…


I was wondering about the plastic / foam, actually. I know how fast my Logitech trackballs accumulated gunk on the roller points, and it makes sense that this would be susceptible to the same sorts of issues.

Thanks for the straight talk. :slight_smile:

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