Anybody having auto-play issues with Plex?

This is with the current Mac app on Monterey, but I’ve seen the same behavior in the web app as well.

TV shows in Plex are supposed to give you that intermediary screen so that you can turn on / off auto play, or choose whether or not you want to play the next episode. I posted that I wasn’t getting that screen, and I was told that I should get the screen for shows, but not playlists.

Fair enough.

So I have a “Continue Watching” section on my Plex home screen. If I click the big orange arrow on a show, it adds the entire rest of the season to my “Play Queue”. In other words, it creates a playlist automatically. Which, per the above, means I don’t get that intermediate screen.

I figured this might be a glitch with “Continue Watching”. So I clicked into the show, clicked the season, clicked into the screen for the individual episode, and clicked that orange play button. Sure enough - it auto-added the entire rest of the season to my “Play Queue”.

The only workaround is to click the little white circle in the upper left corner of the episode’s preview image to “select” it, and then click the “play” arrow that shows up at the top of the screen.

This just seems like this can’t possibly be how the app is intended to operate. But so far I haven’t seen a response on their forum, and honestly some previous, similar questions have been met with some pretty jerky comments by the forum mods…so I’m not holding out hope.

Anybody have any thoughts?

I use Plex on the latest version (Mac Mini) and have all clients set to not auto play. It works on everything as it should. I’ve seen nothing with auto created playlists.

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