Anybody having weird issues with Firefox?

The last couple of weeks I’m unable to access pretty much any of my online banking with Firefox. It throws weird errors from the server side (“Oops, something went wrong” types of errors - not useful). I can get that error a dozen times in Firefox, flip over to Chrome, and it works perfectly.

And a week or so ago on iOS I had a couple of websites tell me I needed to use a “modern browser” when I tried hitting their site with the latest version of Firefox. Again, no problems with Chrome or Safari.

Is there something weird going on? Or are my devices just haunted? :wink:

I’ve been noticing it run slowly for me, almost crashing at times.

I am still using an old version of FireFox for all my SQLite stuff and it’s working fine but when I did try to actually browse with it I got all sorts of errors.